“It’s about making people smile”

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It would be easy for us to talk about how we're obsessed with food, seasonal produce, amazing wine, and spending time in the kitchen. And while all those things are absolutely true, they don't tell the full story of why Morso exists.

We do this because we love people. Making people smile is our thing, and amazing food is the centre of what we bring to the table. However, communication, organisation, incredible staff, and flexibility are just as important to us as the food that we create for our clients, and we strongly believe that these are the things that help us to create unforgettable experiences.

We're not bound by rules, or by 'standard service offerings'. We're a bespoke provider, because we believe that every food experience should be personal. Morso clients communicate their vision to us, and we collaborate with them to deliver something truly special.

People love working with Morso because we're real - there's no pretence in what we do and no disconnection. When all is said and done, we're just truly grateful that we get to share what we love with our amazing clients. We're in it for the food - and to make people smile.

We can't wait to work with you!

David Powell - Director

David and Ashleigh. Italy, 2019

David and Ashleigh. Italy, 2019