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Risotto with

We use portobello mushrooms and dried porcini as they give the most incredible flavour. Some rosemary and parsley finish this off perfectly.

Risotto with Chicken & Bacon

We use British chicken which we cook with the bacon adding a touch of tomato paste for a really rich flavour. This is a really wholesome combination.

Risotto with
Butternut Squash & Hazelnuts

We roast the butternut squash with garlic to bring out the sweet flavour, adding roast hazelnuts for a lovely bite!

Our Risottos
Finally a restaurant-quality risotto in minutes, this is real food not a readymeal...There are no shortcuts - we’ve done the slow stirring bit so you can concentrate on the finishing touches and enjoy the results! All our combinations use ingredients you would expect to find in an authentic risotto, so are gluten free. With a little water and butter it’s ready in 7 minutes and from the microwave in 4 minutes.


Where to buy

You will find us in Selfridges, Oxford Street, As Nature Intended and other lovely independent food shops

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We've been making risotto for years, in our busy London restaurants as well as for festivals and outdoor events. We know how to make an authentic risotto, and we also know how to make it quick and convenient to dish up quickly- without compromising on taste or quality.

We've taken this knowledge and experience to start a new company making a range of fresh, ready-to-finish risottos at home.

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